Saturday, May 10, 2008

Second May Weekend...

10th May @ 2055 +2GMT

Quite a busy week work-wise, some tense filled day I should admit but the arrival of weekend is much heart-warming. 2 days of off-loading opportunity! Seriously, ever-since this 5 days a week came about, it's really been much relaxing weekend! Imagine the old system of 5 1/2 days/week instead of the 5 days a week currently! hmmmm, imagine!

What's the news in Malaysia then, well, Raja Petra was arrested and released on bail right now! Pheww! What shall I say? Can't we even express our thoughts? Or SOMEONE is feeling the pinch and decided to take on Raja Petra? Whatever it is, Raja Petra, we are behind you, all the way! RAKYAT is there for you! God Bless!

Back to my stuff now... Suresh came back from Malaysia today... with his beloved wife, Sharmini! He left her back in Malaysia and came down here to work just after 4 days of getting married back in January 2008, man, imagine that! but now it's all good, they are back together now! Time to get busy now! Ha ha ha. Uncle Roy and auntie Anjalai were there to land a hand in getting Sharm get used to this new place and people, well, I got to admit, she is adapting quite well to this new environment in South Africa! Winter is coming, well, it's already by the front door! Everyone got to get ready for winter.

Mother's day is tomorrow, already happening in Malaysia though as it's about 0315 hrs there as I type this! My wife (Vickneswary Sri Preakash) is celebrating her first Mother's day! I just wish i could be there for her and my mother (Mrs. Pushpavathy Sinnappan)! How much I miss them! The most special and respected souls in the whole wide world! Already sent both of them something that I could send from here! Just would like to wish them a very happy and relaxing (i hope) Mother's Day Wishes! But I should state here that everyday should be Mothers Day!

I got to video chat with my family today! My son Hareshaan was there! looking at me for a while and crying after that because he was sleepy! Can't wait to go and bring my family here in July or August! That little fellow looks so handsome and cute! So proud of him, from what his mother says, he is already doing stuffs that's normally be done by babies older than him! He is going to be a handful I suppose, but I will enjoy it all the way!

Let's see what I am going to say tomorrow, already tired today, had nice dinner and need to watch some programs on my newly installed Satellite TV - DSTV and go to bed later! furthermore, it's weekend people!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let's Get Started...

060508 @ 1120 +2GMT
Well, well, another chapter to my blog! This will be my public blog.

This will mostly be my general blogging / time passing / tension-releasing / thoughts / opinion dumping place. Won't be fixed to any title, this will contain anything to everything! :) - Following my mood sort off!

Many of you guys out there can really blog constantly, i am just trying to keep up with my blogging at least once a week, and i will be a happy man! I also have my family blog which is restricted only to my family i.e: my wife and myself ONLY! Oh, also my son Hareshaan who will only be old enough to blog in...lets say, 7 years time! :)

So, let's get started now, what shall I blog about now? hmmm, Malaysia? My country!
General Election just finished in March, and the result's were really surprising and 'on my own terms' pleasant! The opposition comprising of PKR, PAS & DAP denied the ruling BN of 2/3 majority and captured 5 state goverments! Kudos to the Opposition.

It's been too long the People of Malaysia, of all races, needed to see some kind of light at the other end of the tunnel, BN had been keeping us in the dark for such a long time! They did do something nice for the country, but it really could have been much better if not for the utter stupidity in wasting the tax payers money in so many ways, also on being so much indulged in race politics with it's UMNO power.

Also the Indian ethnic people of Malaysia had enough of bull shi* from the Goverment! It's a long story, want more info? just search for 'Hindraf' in google.

Now, Malaysia looks and sounds different, people are actually more united, no matter the race, this is what I was wondering if it still exist in Malaysia, and after the election and the result. Malaysian's are still united and well on the way to even greater unity! All this were blurred when BN was in total control and the people had no much voice, now, the voice of the people is louder and every decibel of the prople's vioce echo's for unity and respect!

Viva the people of Malaysia... we can change the country! Rakyat Malaysia Boleh!
Let's see what the future holds!