Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June is here!

Half a year is gone for 2008. Is it me or it's been felt by everyone that time is moving faster nowadays?!
2008 presents a special moment in my life, the most significant one is the arrival of my son, Hareshaan in January this year!
What a feeling it was to become a father! Appa in Tamil!

Also that I have been very busy with my work this year! pheww! We do need more staff to offload the current team here which had been working tirelessly over the last 5 months with less man/women power! Interview's been held, people been chosen, but still no sign of them!
I am already thinking ahead for my future. My contract runs till end-March 2009 with Motorola South Africa, but i think an early contigency plan is all the better!

South Africa been in a lot of trouble lately! Currency value is going down(Curreny Converty by Oanda.com), electricity supply problem is here to stay! Xenophobic attacks(SA News) are being conducted on Refugees in Townships! Inflation is going towards the sky! Politically it's looking bleak! man, I can go on and on!
SA is a great country, it has the resources (Gold, Platinum, Minerals), Industrial strenght - being one of the most developed country in Africa and biggest net Exporter for African Region! Still, for me, it's being badly mismanaged! big-time mismanagement! All eye's on World Cup 2010 and after that!

I am just surfing the waves till I reach the shore and go back home to Malaysia! No denying it's been good to be working here, I have the experience of working outside my own country and I got to learn lots about other county and it's people first-hand! Made good friends here and also have my adopted parents in SA! They are Roy Naidoo and Unamalai Naidoo! 2 great souls that have done lots of things for me in SA!

More to come later, till then, Sayonara!

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