Saturday, July 5, 2008

Till We Meet Again...

July came and the stark reality struck me that my good friend and bra Vasanthan Pachiappan had to leave us me here in South Africa and go back to homeland, Malaysia. hmmm,
Yes, he had to resign from the contract work here in SA and leave earlier than expected because his father needed him, hat's off to you Vasu.
He came last November and after a 'lakker' 7 months, he had to leave on 4th July, well well, it was USA's Independence Day and Vasu's Independence from SA as well! I know he wanted to be here longer and earn more, but family call's!

Well Vasu, all this while, I really came to know you better and you are on my best of friends list already! I will be missing your company & drinks. Hope your father get's well very soon! You are one of the coolest guys I have ever met! Seriously!
Wishing you all the best in your future undertakings.

Uncle Roy and Aunty Anjalai is surely gonna' miss him much, they were blabbering about Vasu that, Vasu this, bla bla... ahaha, they really have grown fond of him!

Talking about leaving, I think I have another year in me before I fly back to homeland! My commitment's are such!

So, after Anba, Nazri, Dorai & Jansen, it's Vasu's turn this time. Left Suresh and myself now, who will be next? Only time will tell that :) Till then, SA will be my temporary home and I am sure I will be meeting those guys soon!

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