Friday, July 11, 2008

The Cultural Dance

These pictures were taken in Bruma Flee Market in Johannesburg South Africa a few weeks ago. I was there with Vasanthan. P and Sharmini because Vasu wanted to buy some gifts before going bakc to Malaysia.
We went there on a Saturday morning and after a few minutes of browsing in the shops, i came out and saw this dance being performed, well, this is not the first time I was witnessing it though, have seen it a few times before but this was the time that I got proper shots of them with my Motorola V9 2MP camera.

There are many tribes as many of us know that exist in South Africa, I dont know which particular one this dance belongs to but it's a tribal dance. These ladies can really dance! I can certainly tell you that! There are even those who are rather big in size but they surely can shake it!
The dancing talent is in their genes I shall think, almost every black women have this gift of dancing. If you can see here, their attire is only tight's and bra embedded with beads, well, naturally, they dance without any clothing on their top! But since this is a oranized dance in a public place, they decided to weat bra's with beads! Rather creative i shall say, and they are all in their young age, I think no one is more then 25 years old.

The way the music is played and the way these ladies dance to it, its really an eye-catcher. They just seem to have all the energy to perform all this body twisting dance moves all the time!

The gentlemen playing the music in the back ground... really great to hear it, fast, raunchy stuff and they play it really well!
I will try to get more of this dance moves that's being performed in the 'Bundu's' when I get the chance. That will be really interesting and will try to upload some video's as well as it will give you the idea of the dance and the music they sway to!

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