Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where to?!

Crude Oil prices look to be on a up-hill and looks like there will be no end reaching the top! Because of crude oil being on the heart of everything we do/buy/make, life is on the edge for lots of people! Companies that are associated with Crude oil product's look to be on the edge as well.
Like those in the aviation industry!
My flight back to Malaysia is supposed to be on the 15th August, but I was informed last week that the flight on that day is cancelled and brought forward to the 14th August (not that I am complaining that I am going back early tough! sooner the better! haha). When I called up Malaysia Airlines office I never got any clear answer why, so, being eager, I searched for some answer in the net, and i found one(Unitravel Cape Town), lack of demand it was! So that means Malaysia Airlines is already playing smart cancelling flight's that does not maximize their earnings and off-set the fuel surcharge! Not bad at all. I am sure many airline companies are facing the same issue as well and are taking measure's of their own to compensate for the fuel price hike!
Of course they will take measures like this after scores of airline companies are in the brink of bankruptcy due tho this crude oil price madness.
Hybrid engines for jets are being developed and tested, new generation engines certainly consume lesser fuel than the current one's! Let's hope there will be faster deployment of those technologies to reduce dependency on crude oil.
That's just one needle in the hay-stack. Don't want to touch the other's now, pheww, imagine that!
So, all these while the World is dependent on crude-oil, helloooooooooo, any other alternative energy on the brink of discovery?! Please people, do something fast! I don't want to be paying RM5 for a glass of 'Teh-Tarik' in the near future!
So, where are we heading to in the near future?! Interesting!

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